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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your foot zoning and health coaching questions

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How long does a typical foot zoning session last, and how many sessions are usually recommended?

Foot Zone sessions can last however long you are comfortable with, the typical session is about an hour long. It is recommended to visit your practitioner every two weeks or as needed.

Is foot zoning safe for everyone, including pregnant women and individuals with certain medical conditions?

Yes! Anyone can get a foot zone. If you have very specific issues or further questions, reach out to your practitioner for a more personalized answer.

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What can I expect during a health coaching session? Is it an ongoing process or a one-time consultation?

A session lasts around an hour, with the first consultation starting you off and then scheduling your follow up sessions as needed to help track your progress and set you on a path that helps you to heal on your own.

Can foot zoning help with specific health conditions or ailments?

In short, yes. It will not cure your ailments or illness, but rather help you to unlock the best way for you to heal yourself!

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Can foot zoning be used as a complementary therapy alongside other medical treatments?

This is the best use of foot zoning!

Can health coaching help with specific health conditions, such as weight management, stress reduction, or chronic illness management?


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What qualifications or certifications do health coaches typically hold?

Depending on the practitioner, there are specific schools and programs that grant certifications and credibility.

What can I expect during a foot zoning session? Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Foot zoning can be uncomfortable in problem areas if you have never gotten one before. The pain level is very minimal and the procedure is non-invasive and therapeutic. If the pressure is too much, tell your practitioner!

How is health coaching different from traditional medical advice or counseling

A health coach is different in the way they help you to set health goals specific to your situation. A coach can also delve more into your emotional side by asking thought provoking questions and empowering you to make changes in your day to day life.

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Can I use foot zoning and health coaching together along with other modalities to help me on my journey?

You should definitely use them all together and modify as you go along. Take what works and leave what doesn't!

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